RealBird Success Story by Chris Green - Patty Da Silva Green Realty Properties® Team REALTOR®

RealBird Success Story by Chris Green - Patty Da Silva Green Realty Properties® Team REALTOR®

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Chris Green - Patty Da Silva Green Realty Properties® Team REALTOR®, Green Realty Properties®
Cooper City, FL
"If not for Realbirds proven genius marketing syndication and lead generation, Green Realty Properties’ Broker Patty Da Silva, who was named the number one independent brokerage firm in Broward County by Real Trends / the Wall Street Journal Teams by Volume and teams by numbers of sales on July 2017 and Chris Green (Green realty Properties Team manager) would not be attracting the BEST clients with Amazing reviews like this one: There are realtors and then there are REAL-tors. The team at Green Realty Properties simply could not have been more genuine, honest, candid, and authentic from the initial phone inquiry through final paperwork and a warm "Congratulations!" e-mail. We interviewed several potential realtors and heard machine-gun-fire sales pitches, hollow or inexplicable professional titles, cookie-cutter statistics, big company market share claims, and low-ball pricing recommendations based on "professional" market surveys that I can only assume were designed to yield a quick sale with little effort....and then Patty Da Silva sat at our table and listened. LISTENED. It’s a lost art and a frequently undervalued aspect of customer service. But it’s still a standard at Green Realty Properties.

The team made an absolute solid series of recommendations from the start. Photo preparation. Open House event plans. Asking price. Home upgrades designed for high return on investment (ROI). Marketing strategies. Communication methods. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Absolutely every piece of advice was direct, simple, and easy to implement. Each was designed to sell our home fairly, quickly, and with the approach and integrity that WE asked for the day Patty sat and listened to us.

The marketing methods and supporting materials employed by Green Realty Properties are the unquestionable gold standard in Broward County, South Florida, and well beyond. They are all designed to sell YOUR house. Yes... a specific house. They’re not cut-and-paste or use-a-million-times business templates. You won’t see some fancy booklet with stock photography of houses located in who knows where and a fancy schmancy global cooperate logo. You will see your house and from a perspective you’ve probably never seen before. The photos taken by Chris Green were jaw-dropping. He is absolutely a phenonenal photographer that has an eye for angles, views, light, and every other tiny detail. The breadth and periodicity of consumer contact was remarkable and laser-focused. The signs, flyers, and hand-outs were the highest quality... thicker paper, highest tech, metal and plastic material where others use wood and cardboard, clean lines with easy-to-read font, and more. Each aspect of the Green Realty Properties approach to representing a home is done with forethought, care, and pride.

We accepted an offer on our home 5.5 hours - yes, earth hours - after the open house and at 2.149% above asking price. Why the details on our sale? Because Green Realty Properties are DETAIL people. The asking price was perfectly matched with a real estate buzz that got us to a buyer with a terrific proposal at what would soon after be set as the fair market value of the home. No hassling. No settling. No disappointment by anyone involved in a transaction that was smooth, timely and straightforward. And it was done by friendly, professional team members like Chris.

Have a real estate question? Ask. Go ahead. Patty and Chris are living, walking Google-searches of real estate and local market information and they tailor answers to each question in the most understandable and detailed method needed. You won’t be ignored. You won’t be fed fluff. You’ll never get an e-mail with a cut and paste from crammed into it. You won’t even ever feel like you just asked a dumb question. You’ll instead get purposeful responses that grow your confidence in their team, your understanding of selling or buying a home, and your smart choice to select Green Realty Properties to represent your real estate needs.

Yes, you can spend a lot of time searching for the perfect realtor... the internet is full of ’em. Or you could go straight to Green Realty Properties and use your days, weeks, or months sitting back, listening to Bon Jovi or Pearl Jam, and knowing that you’re the smartest cat on the block. Your choice.

Thank you Realbird! You are part of our marketing team strategy that helps us earn five star reviews like this one!"

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